Maps with BnB

Barton and Barton set out on an epic adventure to discuss rhetorical purposes of maps. The long and dry wording ultimately lead to 2 main rules in maps; inclusion and exclusion. Inclusion, is what specific things need to be mapped, what aspects of this thing need mapped, and how do those aspects need represented. Exclusion, Barton and Barton describe this as the things that didn’t make the cut for the cartographer or whoever made the map. For exclusion they used the example of mid-century Europe, not making maps with the lower class in mind.

In relation to our applicable life, maps are on their way out, with GPS and digital/ satellite imagery dominating the navigation market. We really only see maps in primitive camping situations or attractions (zoo, theme park, downtown, etc). Anymore if you need to get from point A to point B, you pull out your phone and use the GPS on that. We are then greeted with a to scale, interactive map, giving us a simplified (or detailed) satellite view, as well as landmarks, businesses, and more all at the click of a button. This makes BnB’s article a little dated in my opinion. I do think, however, that we can pull some information from it to apply to other rhetorical situations. The rules of inclusion for example, picking what to use in your rhetorical situation can be the most important phase of the design element. Include critical points or design choices and maximize their importance instead of cluttering your rhetorical medium with as much stuff as possible. Quality over quantity if you will.


How could the Purdue Campus map be reworked to “sell” the campus to a prospective student looking for a campus to attend? Would this be ethical?



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