Barton and Barton

This article starts with something really deep and I am not sure I fully understood. I think authors are trying to reveal the essence of maps. Map is a powerful way to display statistical data and in order to be powerful enough, we need to denaturalize of the nature. Rule of inclusion is the method to determine what to draw in the map and what not to. To apply this to the course or the final project, I think we should let the viewer focus on exactly what creator focus on, some time this is hard. Rules of exclusion suggest me to not put too much or too hard information in the map or other project which will lead viewers have hard time on understanding it.

During the reading I found an interesting fact that I just known a couple of years ago, that is every society think they are the center of the world and in their maps, they are all in the center. Here is how China’s maps look like.


My question will be what else in this article could apply to our final project design.


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