Dragga and Voss

I didn’t write Dragga and Voss post in the first place, however, since Mr.Liddle said that article is very famous in his field, I should give a try. Words and picture reinforce each other. However, “seeing is not believing”, and there is a limitation of the rules of ethics of visual communication, we could not avoid all the distortions and deceptions. We need to bring humanity to technical presentation, therefore “ethical visuals must be as humanistic as ethical words”. However some time, due to the efficiency of the statistic, it is hard to humanize certain visual. And sometime humanized graph is not easy understanding. My opinion on the cruel pie chart and all the humanized graph related opinions: I think it is not very necessary to try that hard to make viewer comfortable. A statistic graph, people certainly expect it to be precise and understandable. Humanization is decoration. To be frank, examples in the possible solution are just ridiculous.

Here is a humanized bar graph:)



So, is it really make people feel better by humanizing the graphs.


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